Bout of Books 3.0 Read-A-Thon WRAP UP

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The name of the game for 2012 is to get a lot of my TBR books read! Naturally, that means sign up for a read-a-thon! I’ve done the Bout of Books read-a-thon in the past, but had a rough week during the last one with a family emergency and didn’t read nearly as much as I usually do, so I’m hoping that I can do better this week!

You can find the sign-up post and the schedule HERE — join in on the fun!

How much I’m going to read:

I plan to read the whole week! The only things I have going on is volunteering, an afternoon with my Mother-In-Law, and a wedding Saturday night. That leaves plenty of free time!

I’m usually nose-deep in a book all week anyway, so it shouldn’t be too hard. I’ll have to make sure there’s plenty of HOCKEY on the TV this week, to keep my husband occupied!

How many books I plan to read:

I plan to read at least a book a day … 10 books total would be great, though, so I’m going to really be pushing myself!

Last read-a-thon, I listed my books I plan to read, but I think I’m going to wing it this time and just pick them off my shelf as I go. I have a LOT of books that need to be read!


I’m going to be updating this page each day for what I’m reading. Check back each morning for updates! I’ll also be updating on Twitter using the #boutofbooks hashtag.

DAY ONE (01/09): 
# of books read -1.5
# of pages read – 321+163
total # of pages read – 484
books (names) – Room, by Emma Donaghue (finished); Chocolat, by Joanne Harris (started)
thoughts – I’m quite pleased with my first 2 choices for the week! Although, while I planned to read ALL day yesterday, I found myself getting distracted with other things … laundry, cooking, cleaning … and then found myself frazzled for a few hours trying to buy a wedding gift for this weekend. No worries! I’ll pick up my boots on Tuesday and spend the WHOLE day reading! Here’s hoping for over 500 pages …

DAY TWO (01/10): 
# of books read (total) – 3
# of pages read – 143+289+6=438
total # of pages read – 922
books (names) – Chocolat, by Joanne Harris (finished); Marley and Me, by John Grogan (finished); The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas (started, ambitiously); Under The Tuscan Sun, by Frances Mayes
thoughts – I adored Chocolat … what an awesome book. Glad I picked it for today. I seem to be in a “made into movie” theme today with my books … though I may have to pick up Chocolat from the library tomorrow since I don’t remember the movie. So far, I think Marley the movie is better than the book … well, maybe they’re equal. Any thoughts? Got some excellent reading in today, though still not what I planned! Seems there’s always things to do … Started to read The Count of Monte Cristo and really liked it. 4 pages in, I decided to add it on Goodreads and realized I was reading the Abridged version (though it says nowhere on my Signet classic). It has now been abandoned and the UNABRIDGED version is on order. Guess I’ll have to wait!

DAY THREE (01/11): 
# of books read (total)
 – 4
# of pages read – 274+21=295
total # of pages read – 1,217
books (names) – Little Blog on the Prairie, by Cathleen Davitt Bell (finished); The Man In My Basement, by Walter Mosley (started)
thoughts – Today was a weird day. After being holed up in the house sick since last Wednesday, I went out for my volunteer position at a local school library in the morning and felt sicker as the morning went by. All I wanted to do was lay in my warm bed with my eyes closed, even though I tried to get some reading done. The funny thing is that on a normal day, when there’s not a readathon, I can usually get a pretty good page-count in … maybe I should take the pressure off?

DAY FOUR (01/12): 
# of books read (total)
 – 5
# of pages read – 228+35+263
total # of pages read – 1,480
books (names) – The Man In My Basement, by Walter Mosley (finished); The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova (started)
thoughts – I’m really learning, as the week progresses, that I shouldn’t sign up for a readathon when I’m still slightly under the weather. This morning I woke up early with every intention of getting a lot of reading done before I went to see my mother-in-law in the afternoon, but ended up sleeping because I still wasn’t feeling well. Fortunately, one of the books I read was a very quick read, so I’m still “on budget” with my goal! Let’s see if I can get through the Elizabeth Kostova clunker, The Historian, by the end of the weekend – and one more book to reach my goal of 7!

DAY FIVE (01/13): 
# of books read
 – 5
# of pages read – 107
total # of pages read – 1,587
books (names) – The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova (still reading)
thoughts – Today I had the whole day free, but spent a lot of time updating the blog and posting my reviews where they needed to be posted — I’m so behind! But now I’m catching up, which is awesome. The Historian is a good book so far, but it’s going to take forever to read unless I sit down and actually devote lots of time to reading it. Eek!

DAY SIX (01/14): 
# of books read
 – 5
# of pages read – 24 (ha!)
total # of pages read – 1,611
books (names) – The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova (still reading)
thoughts – Today was a nutso day … In the morning, I spent more time updating the blog, doing things to catch up, and in the afternoon my husband and I visited friends and their new Newfoundlander puppy, found out my car is dying (OK, the engine light came on, but still), AND went to a wedding. So it was a busy day, hence the poor reading. Only one more day left, though … I hope to make up for my bad reading these past few days! I promise! :)

DAY SEVEN (01/15): 
# of books read
 – 7
# of pages read – 270+96+23=389
total # of pages read – 2,000
books (names) – I Want To Live: The Diary of a Young Girl in Stalin’s Russia, by Nina Lugovskaya (finished); The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy or Mr. Punch, by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean (finished); The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova (still reading)
thoughts – Today was a very good day for reading, though I did put down The Historian to read something else, so I could reach my minimum goal of 7 books. Glad I put it down, though I read one not-so-good book, only to follow it up with a great book, and managed to read more of the clunker before bed. I also managed to do blog updates and some reviews, so it was a great day!

I can’t believe the week is over! I had so much fun reading, though I find that I slack a little when doing a readathon and find other things to do. I didn’t do too bad, though, managing to reach my goal and hit–exactly–2,000 pages read. It feels nice to have gotten that start to my reading just halfway through January and now I’ll have to keep up the momentum! I also participated in the Twitter chat, which was a lot of fun, and managed to follow some new bloggers. Sad it’s over!

Are you participating in this read-a-thon? What are you planning to read?

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  1. I’d love to be able to read that many books for this challenge! My schedule’s annoyingly full for the next few days, though, plus I only found out about the challenge late last night, so I won’t be able to devote as much time as I’d like to reading things. I set myself a goal of finishing 3 books. I finished one last night, just before I went to sleep, but it was a fairly shot book to start with so that isn’t much to brag about…

    Happy reading, and I look forward to seeing more updates!

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