READATHON: Summer Mini-Readathon! (Hosted by @SarahSaysRead)

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It’s time for another readathon, hosted by the always fabulous Sarah over at Sarah Says Read! The last readathon she hosted was in January and was a whole heck of a lotta fun!

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so over on Sarah’s blog. You can also follow the hashtag #ssrminiread to see everyone’s progress!

I plan to read from 6am to 6pm, giving myself food breaks, as well as some breaks to tend to my dogs. Hopefully there’s not another thunderstorm today because they were pretty agitated during yesterday’s! 

My goals for today are: 

1. To read for 12 hours. Last year I had a timer going, not sure if I’m going to do the same this year — it got pretty intense and I never realized how much time I spent fiddling around doing other things when I should’ve been reading.

2. Participate in the challenges! These will be posted below as they come up! Keep checking back as the day goes on.

3. Read two books. My books of choice are The Waiting Sky by Lara Zielin, as well as The Scent of Rain by Kristin Billerbeck. Both are review books and both look awesome! I’m hoping to get their reviews up later this week!

4. Chat with other participants on Twitter. This is usually what I’m fiddling with. Why, oh, why is Twitter so addicting?

5. Have fun! I think this’ll be the hardest one. ;) Ha ha …

If you’re participating in the readathon, have a good time and we’ll cheer each other on!


1. Tell everyone three random things about yourself:
I am not a morning person (it’s 7:30 and I can barely stay awake)
- I have a wee bit of a book-buying addiction and have hundreds of unread books on my shelves
- It’s not even August and I’m looking forward to Fall and Winter

2. Is this your first readathon?

Oh, gosh no! I’m happy to have participated in quite a few since I started blogging. This is my second Sarah readathon. :) (<– random fact #4: I keep writing “readathong”)

3. Do you have any specific goals for today? (# of books or pages to read?)

See above! I plan to read 2 books, as well as finish my read from yesterday (which is already done!). No page count, just the two books. I’m also participating in Random House of Canada’s Olympic Readathon, so I’m hoping to get my page count up — I read under 100 pages yesterday which is definitely not winning.

4. Do you have any specific snacks, drinks, or books planned?

My books are The Waiting Sky by Lara Zielin and The Scent of Rain by Kristin Billerbeck. If I finish these two, I have a few indie author reads that are on my review list. As for snacks, I completely forgot about the readathons when I last did my grocery shopping, so no junk or goodies for me. :( Currently, I’m having toast and tea for breakfast and then my snacks will include hummus, or watermelon, or a boiled egg. Another case of NOT WINNING. Though, I do have some Cherry Coke and some pizza-flavoured Goldfish crackers, if I really want a treat.

5. What hours do you plan on reading during?

I planned for 6am to 6pm, which works well around my hubby’s work schedule, but I might go just a bit over because I’m a majorly distracted person and always seem to find things to do that AREN’T reading. We’ll see how it goes!


So for this challenge, we’re to open our books to our current page and give a 2-sentence (non-spoiler!) teaser. Super simple, which is good because I keep getting distracted by pretty, shiny things in the house and need to get back to reading!

From my current read, The Waiting Sky, by Lara Zielin:

I look out the window. The storm is gorgeous–the bottom of the sharp-edged clouds is golden in the setting sunlight, billowing to pink, then white as they rise up, up, up. 
– page 223


For this challenge, we are to post a picture that has to do with our readathon day. Since I’m NOT taking a photo of myself since I look like crap, I took a picture of my book in my reading space:

The book in the picture is The Scent of Rain by Kristin Billerbeck. Picture edited over at Pic Monkey!


Today FLEW BY! I can’t believe how little I managed to read. I kept getting majorly distracted by things, but still got something accomplished, even if it wasn’t much.

Here are my wrap-up questions:

1. How many books and/or pages were you able to read?

I finished one book that had 150+ pages left, read a whole book, and started a new one. I’d say I read close to 400 pages?

2. About how many hours were you able to read for? (Were there many distractions, breaks, etc?)

There were so many distractions! I spent a lot of time on Goodreads, took breaks to tidy the house. I got up early so I was pretty tired and couldn’t keep my eyes open, which is why I kept getting up!

3. Do you have any likes/dislikes about the 12-hour readathon, compared to a 24-hour readathon?

I really like the 12-hour readathon … it’s the perfect amount of time and won’t leave me feeling like a hungover fool the next day (which is what 24-hours of reading does!). My only dislike is that it’s only 12-hours, so it’s like a normal weekend day to me and I get distracted. I’m not sure why, but when I get in the mind-set of staying up for 24-hours, I’m able to totally focus on my reads and not do too much because I know I’ll have to stay awake!

4. Favorite and least favorite books that you read today? Favorite / least favorite challenges? (Not that there were many, but if you want to comment about any of the ones from past mini-readathons feel free to do so).

Favourite book was definitely The Waiting Sky … and even though I’m not too far into The Scent of Rain, it’s pretty good — just what I’ve come to expect from Thomas Nelson chick-lit books. Least favourite book was Cold Fury. I admit that it was kind of boring in the start and then I had to stay awake last night reading it when it finally picked up. Probably not the best choice to start the day with because it got boring again. Next time I’ll be sure to start fresh with a new book — a new, exciting book!

My favourite challenge is the photo challenge … I like playing around in Pic Monkey. :) From previous years, I really liked the one where you had to go to the website and put in all the words about readathons and it jumbled them all up. That was fun!

5. Do you have any suggestions for things you’d like me to do differently for the next mini-readathon?

Well, first off, THANK YOU SARAH! You’re an awesome host! I think next time maybe advertise it a bit more and try to get more people in. Or maybe have a certain time frame, like 10am-10pm EST for everyone. Though that would be a pain in the butt for readers overseas …

Really, I think it’s fine the way it is! I had a lot of fun chatting with everyone (though not a lot of people chatted today!) and doing the challenges. And, of course, reading the books! Looking forward to the next one!

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24 Responses to “READATHON: Summer Mini-Readathon! (Hosted by @SarahSaysRead)”

  1. This is an awesome challenge. With two kids in the house, I’m fairly sure that they’ll be constantly on me so I probably would fail this challenge. :) Good luck!

    • Ha ha … I have dogs. They just give me the stare-down when they want something. And hubby’s working. So no distractions!

      *looks around to make sure no one’s watching* *goes on the Internet*

      Oooh … shiny Twitter!

    • Aww … well, 12 hours, but I get too distracted. I timed myself during the last readathon and it took forever to actually read for 12 hours. I think I read for 11 before I just couldn’t anymore.

      One day the kid’s will want to read, too! Then you’ll all read together! :)

  2. Ah yes, I keep asking myself why Twitter is so addicting as well ;) If it stopped being so shiny I’d get a lot more reading time in!
    Enjoy the thon! :)

  3. I have those warm fuzzy socks too, I wear them in my fuzzy slippers for extra warmth ;)
    It’s almost 4PM here, so the supermarket should open, maybe I can convince the boyfriend to get some snacks… They’re such an important part of readathon-ing!
    And lol, I’m the same, I have over 200 unread books on my shelves and so many egalleys on my reader… And I plan on buying more today ;)
    You’re not a Summer person? I love this season with the sun shining and getting to wear my pretty summer dresses and all :)

    • I do really like summer … especially days that are nice and warm where I can wear my flip flops and a breezy dress. But lately, I’ve been craving winter — LAYERS! BOOTS! JACKETS! I love it all. :)

      Whew! Glad I’m not the only one with a ton of unread books! Though I counted ONLY the ones for my Rory Gilmore Challenge and I have 70 unread ones. ONLY FOR THAT CHALLENGE! And it barely took a dent out of my shelves. I don’t even want to know the actual number of unread books I own. It’s ridiculous!

  4. I always spend a lot of time doing not-reading things too! That’s why I’m kind of looking forward to less mini-challenges this year.

    And your “readathong” comment made me laugh out loud! Ha!

  5. Ooooh, hummus… now there’s a snacking idea! (I’ve only discovered hummus in the last month, and so am kind of obsessed with it!) Hope you’re having lots of reading fun!

  6. With all your distractions and other activities you still managed to read a lot! Go you! :)
    I felt the same way, a 12 hour stretch feels more like a normal weekend day, lol! The 24-hour readathon makes me focus more on reading itself as well (and I just almost typed readathong… Power of suggestion? ;) ).
    I love getting to know new bloggers and readathons are perfect for this :) Glad you participated as well! I can’t wait for the next one!

  7. The next one will hopefully be better planned, and I might try to set a general timeframe that works for everyone. We’ll see how it goes. You read a lot! Thanks for being a part of it :-)

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