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Hi everyone!

Today I have the pleasure of being over on Kelsey’s blog, Kelsey’s Cluttered Bookshelf! Come on over and read my post about Music in Books and Books in Music. Just click on Kelsey’s button below to go check it out:

Big thanks to Kelsey for having me!

In other news, there are just a few changes going on on the blog. Nothing drastic, but I still wanted to point them out:

1. In an effort to get back to reading, I’m dropping out from participating in a bunch of memes. Really, I didn’t participate in a lot — Waiting on Wednesday and Top Ten Tuesday, mostly — but as I’m striving to have more of my own content on the blog, I figured I nix these few things. I also like to try and post once a day — or at least, I’m trying to — so this will help with that. More time for reading, including readathons and readalongs!

2. While I’ve been participating in In My Mailbox, I’ve been morphing into using Clock Rewinders on Sundays, so I only have one post. It was getting quite stressful getting my Sunday Reads post up, as well as doing a vlog for my mailbox post — this way I can list the books I’ve accumulated as well as catch my readers up on what happened on the blog, what went on in the blogosphere, and other fun things! All in one post!

3. This means I can do other kinds of vlogs! I’m thinking of doing a monthly vlog of what I’m reading, or what I would like to read Still ironing out my thoughts, but the mailbox post takes up a lot of time with editing, so I can do more fun ones now. Seeing as I’m trying to get back to reading more of my own books, I’m going to try and back off of requesting a ton of review books.

4. I’ve also designed a new blog button! Since changing from being, to just, I’ve been trying to change everything with the old address. This was the last thing!

5. Other than that, you’re still going to get reviews, discussion posts, Q&A’s, the odd giveaway, Musical Saturdays, Past Present Rewinds, Cover Loves, and a lot of other things! And even though I’m not participating in memes, I will be around the social networks like a force! Seriously, I love you guys and you have made blogging so much fun!

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16 Responses to “Guest Post & Blog Changes”

  1. Thank you for the guest post!
    You have some good changes happening, and congrats again for switching to your own domain! Makes me want to start to make some changes on my own blog post-wise :)

    • It feels like I’m always changing something … apparently I can never be happy with things being just the way they are!

      Thank YOU for having me guest post! :)

    • Thank you, Sarah! I’m hoping the fact that I’m not participating in a ton of memes doesn’t deter people from stopping by! Really, I only did a few, so it’s not the most drastic of all changes, but still. I can have more fun this way!

  2. Love the new ideas !! And dropping out of the memes is probably a good idea, sometimes I find myself doing more things with the blog than reading itself.

  3. Ooo, lots of neat changes! I like the new button! I know what you mean about memes. I only participate in two at this time, Random Reads, which is only once a month and I do a WoW post every 3 weeks. It’s nice in a Having 3 bloggers really helps sometimes.

    Also, did you change the header again? Something looks different and I can’t figure out what. I’m also enjoying all your buttons for your features, I love the simplicity of them!

    • I don’t know how you manage with three bloggers! I’m chaotic all by myself. :)

      I changed EVERYTHING! New header, new feature buttons, new layout, new fonts … lots of new stuff! I’m super happy now!

      • I thought you might have changed everything. lol I’m jealous, I suck at making buttons…

        The only reason we manage with three is because we schedule! lol It totally helps! And I don’t stress nearly as bad because we are scheduled normally two weeks in advance

        • I love making buttons! I think I’m finally happy with mine.

          Yeah, a schedule would help. I just have a ton of content on my brain that it fills up the blog nicely. For now, at least – it could all change!

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