Discussion: Where Do The Reviews Go?

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The other day, I was going through my WordPress Dashboard, looking at the piles of book reviews I had written for books that I had read months and months ago. They were all formatted and ready to go up on the blog, but still they sat in my draft pile gathering dust.

Just recently, I had noticed what some of my fellow book bloggers were doing. They were still posting reviews on their blog during the week, but also posting reviews solely on Goodreads.

To myself, I scoffed and pouted,”But it’s my BLOG! I have to post ALL THE REVIEWS on my blog!! Why HAVE a blog, if the reviews don’t go on it??

But do they really have to go on the blog?

I’ll admit it. Right now I have a stupid amount of time to read, so I take advantage of it. I read at night, in the morning, when it’s raining, and when it’s snowing. When I’m doing housework or computer work, I’ll listen to an audiobook. When I’m driving or shopping the aisles of the grocery store, I’ll have that audiobook going. I’ll even have my eReader in my purse for those times where I need to wait for something. I squeeze in reading wherever I can.

My Goodreads shelf can attest to that — so far, I’ve read 155 books this year. And there are still 4 months left in the year.

By no means do I intend to brag with this information, but with posting a weekly recap post, discussion posts, Cover Love posts, Musical Saturday posts, Guest Posts, blog tour posts, and all of the other things in between, there’s no way I can post THAT many reviews on the blog. This is why they were piling up.

So, when Bout of Books rolled in, I made a decision. I would start to post reviews on Goodreads. And ONLY on Goodreads. I started doing it with novellas and it felt great to get them off of my plate and the reviews posted. Then, I went through my draft folder and posted all of the pending reviews that had been piling up in there. Now it’s cleaned out, save for a few discussion drafts and my Clock Rewinders draft for this Sunday.

It feels GREAT.

Initially, when I started the blog in 2011 (the rebirth of the blog, if you will), I thought I had to post every.single.day. Sometimes I posted a crazy amount of posts during the day. I still do sometimes. But now I know that I can go a day without posting a review. Now I tell myself that I can go an entire day without posting ANYTHING on the blog.

Just saying that lifts a huge weight off my shoulders.

I know a time will come where I’ll be too busy to even write one review for a week, but right now I’m planning two months worth of things for the blog and know that if I keep reading as voraciously as I do, there’s no way I can post ALL THE REVIEWS on the blog.

Of course, I still have to get myself into gear when it comes to writing all the reviews, but that’s a whole other story.

Where do you post your reviews? Do they solely go up on your blog? Do you post others just on Goodreads? 

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38 Responses to “Discussion: Where Do The Reviews Go?”

  1. I don’t do enough other stuff on my blog not to post all my reviews! I don’t need to post every day but I like to keep it updated regularly. Plus I get review books to review on the blog not goodreads so wouldn’t post solely there myself. But yes, it’s your blog, you can do what you like :)

    • I’m trying to request less review books. I like them, but I’d prefer to continue reading some of the (hundreds of) books I own. I miss it! And right now, I read a TON, so eventually, I wind up with way more reviews than I need.

  2. Kristilyn, my main things is a review should be up at least once a week and other posts. I do not think it is necessary to post everyday (my opinion)

    I really am jealous of your free time though :-) And I agree go for reading what you want more you will love the freedom feeling.

  3. I tend to post all my reviews on my blog, and share the same review on Goodreads when I get the chance. I don’t have as much time as you to read, and I’ll have less time this coming fall, so anything I have scheduled in advance is more like a back-up just in case. I don’t have to post something everyday either, and it’s nice to know I can take a break :) Especially if I get in a reading slump.

    • Having a back-up is good! I tend to schedule at least a week in advance, so if I have something come up in the week, it’s usually fine. But eventually, I have reviews that just sit there unused. It stresses me!

      Yikes for reading slumps! With the holidays creeping up, I know I’ll probably get into one …

  4. Jac @ For Love and Books

    I’ve got a crazy amount of reviews stored in word documents on my computer that haven’t made my blog yet for whatever reason… maybe I need to think about just posting them on Goodreads and not on my blog. (That makes my anxiety jump… LOL!!)

    I am jealous of your books read! I am just dragging my feet and don’t think I’ll meet my goal of 140 (I’m at 79 right now)

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

    • I had my anxiety jumping, too! But then a weight lifted once the reviews were all gone from my Draft folder. It feels good now!

      Between listening to audiobooks and reading physical books, it’s easy for the reviews to pile up!

  5. I need a minimum of 104 reviews on my blog per year with my blog schedule. Having Kelly doing reviews means that only about 75 of the books I read in a year need to go on my blog. I’ve already read 93 books this year. Most of the novellas and freebies I read I review solely on GR. And, sometimes, I just don’t feel like writing and formatting a review on my blog. I don’t have to, either. So I don’t. It’s… just that simple. lol.

    • O.O

      You are one of the most organized people I know! I think I schedule up to a month — at the latest. Though, I just kind of wing it.

      After seeing you post a lot of reviews on Goodreads, I decided to start posting there. It takes a lot of stress off! I had up to 40 reviews banked in my draft folder that just weren’t moving — and sometimes I’ll read 7 books in a week. There’s just no time to post ALL of those reviews.

      It’s great posting on both places now! You’re right — it is simple!

      • lololol. I actually signed up to [hopefully] host a mini-challenge for Bloggiesta about scheduling posts and being organized. :) And…I just wrote out my blog to do list for October.

        I found that when I tried to review EVERY book on my blog, I eventually got burnt out with writing reviews. And when I struggle to write reviews, I don’t read. Posting on Goodreads (and only on GR) gives me the option to toss my thoughts down (because I find that I usually want to say SOMETHING) without feeling like I have to go through the process of formatting and writing a review on my blog. And, let’s face it: writing reviews on your blog takes a lot of time.

        • It takes so much time! I try to write down my thoughts as I read (usually in a Word document), so it makes it a lot easier to write something afterwards. There have been a few book reviews that I just posted on Goodreads with books I read this week. Not having to format all the info in a blog post made it so much easier to just get my thoughts down. And one of the books was a book I really didn’t like, so I’d prefer to NOT share that one on the blog. Maybe I will share those kind of reviews in the future (when I turn into a normal person and don’t read a ton of books a week), but for now I’d rather share the books I love or at least LIKE.

          I hope you’re accepted for a mini-challenge! And I can’t believe you’ve written out your to-do list already … I’m just working on September now!

  6. I primarily post my reviews on my blog (since I really do like gushing about the books I like!). I do skip out on reviews a few days a week (like Tuesdays or Fridays, for instance), so that means I only post about 3 reviews a week. I should start thinking about posting reviews ONLY on Goodreads… Maybe. At this point, I’m only one or two reviews behind :)

    Also, I really need to work on posting my reviews on Goodreads, Amazon & Barnes & Noble. I’ve been meaning to do that, but I keep forgetting. There’s something that I’ve got to work on!

    • I’m trying to only post about the books I love on the blog. Now, if I don’t like a book, I’ll just post up a review on Goodreads. It’s great!

      I think I really only need 3 reviews a week, too, though right now I’ve been posting a couple a day here and there.

      That’s great that you’re only one or two behind … I think I still need to write 4 reviews! And I’m terrible at posting in other places. I’ve stopped posting on Amazon because the formatting is always screwed up and my punctuation is always taken out. I will post on Indigo & Goodreads, though I’m usually behind.

  7. I have never felt the need to have a post up everday. I think I did that one month and it just felt weird to me. I have nothing against those who do, I’m just not that person. I try to have 2-3 posts per week max, plus a Sunday wrap up (if I feel like it).

    I’ve been really lax lately about posting on Goodreads or amazon. I’m going to try to post there from here on out at the end of each month or so. I have a list of about 10 to still review and read a couple books a week. I think as long as I’m a bit ahead, I’ll be okay with myself. It’s when I have nothing that I feel overwhelmed.

    I feel like I’ve finally got my blog going in the direction I want it to, and everything else is just meh.

    • I’m happy your blog is going in the direction you’d like it to! I think now that I’m finally not accepting more review books, I’m feeling so much better. I love just reading and reviewing the books I love and the books I’m excited for, rather than accepting a ton of review books.

      Come 2013, I know I’m not going to be posting everyday and I think I’m okay with that. :)

        • YES! And I think it’s soooo easy to forget this. Again, there’s that question of “who are you blogging for?” I always have to remind myself that it’s MY blog, no one else’s.

  8. I don’t even review every book I read. Some of them, I’m just happy to be done! Some are just sort of “meh” and I don’t have much to say. I always rate on Goodreads, but sometimes that’s it.

    Now that I’m blogging *slightly* more seriously, I intend to do more reviews, and absolutely review all the 1,001 Books that I read.

    I guess I should go back and copy my blog reivew onto Goodreads. A problem with that is that I don’t always write a straight review, sometimes it’s just random thoughts!

    • Sometimes I just have random thoughts, too … though I do like sharing them on Goodreads! Especially, now, if it’s a book I DIDN’T like, it’s great to just post it on Goodreads. I’d rather share the books I love and am excited about on the blog.

  9. I usually write the review right after I finish the book and it’s scheduled to go up the next day. Mostly because I don’t have much to put up on my blog, so there’s always those few days where I can put a review in. After the review is up, I copy and paste onto Goodreads. :D

    You must have a lot of free time to read that much!!

    • I have a LOT of free time … I can’t wait to start working a bit more, though, to tell you the truth. :)

      I always tell myself that each morning I should update my archives and add my reviews to Goodreads, but I usually only do it for a day until I start getting behind.

  10. I don’t review everything I read, only the YA :P Plus of course, having Meghan and Kristal helps sooo much! Right now we try to have one post a day. We have our memes and features (I’m currently in the process of thinking up a new one!) and then a max of one review a day. Between the three of us there are rarely days with nothing, although, they do happen..lol

    I actually like having some reivews stockpiled and waiting to be published, that way if something comes up I just pick one and post it. Although right now I’m not very stockpiled..lol

    I think you should do whatever is easiest for you!

    • I always wondered how blogs with multiple bloggers worked … I always felt anxiety over that, though, because I definitely read more one or two books a week. Now that I’m posting on Goodreads, it feels a lot better!

      I have a few still to write, so I think I’m good for a while!

  11. Sadly, I don’t read enough books to not post a review for every book I read. And I pretty much started my blog to keep track of all the books I read and to improve on my memory of said books. I guess if I read more than I currently do (which I wish I did!), then maybe it would be different. I have fallen behind in actually writing reviews right now so I can see why some of you heavier readers would not write a review for every book – it can take away from the actual reading books part lol! I’m really good at wasting time and I need to work at using my spare time to read instead of “wasting time” lol.

    I have been linking up every review on goodreads and indigo.ca though. I often don’t post the entire review, just a “preview” and then a link to my blog. I also think if I could get my thoughts down about a book a lot faster than I currently can, I would post more often. Or if I didn’t have a husband, lol! I try not to be on the computer too much in the evening when he’s home, so on days that I also work all day, it’s hard to justify spending the evening on the computer instead of with him. It’s definitely a balancing act and I really admire you book bloggers that post daily and/or consistently meaningful content! :)

    • I was the same as you when I started my blog. I was TERRIBLE at remembering the books I read and thought this would help. I’m happy to say that it has. Though, even when I was working, I read a ton of books. And now, I’m reading even more. I know it’ll change one day, but just stockpiling these reviews makes me sad. I want to share my thoughts! Not save them for later.

      The balancing act of blogging is tough — especially when you have a job, a family, and other hobbies. I’m such a homebody that I like to just sit and read all day when I have time. I think today is the one day where I actually turned on the TV during the day (watching the Behind the Scenes for Hunger Games, but still).

      I’m working on getting in the mindset that I don’t HAVE to post every day … I will be for a while because I have a TON of content, but come 2013, I probably won’t be.

  12. I had started my blog about 6 months ago or so but then it became so overwhelming for me and made reading not really fun anymore so I left it. Now I am back about 2 weeks in and I am loving every minute of it. After I had left my blog (deleted it) I was in a big reading slump. I missed it all so much that I decided to come back and start all over again.

    Right now I post reviews for everything I read since the blog is so new and needs content. Once I have read the book I head to the computer and write the review. Then I also post it on goodreads. I write my reviews right away because I don’t want to forget anything once I start the next book.

    I am still trying to get settled in at my blog and figure out how I want to handle reviews and what other content I want to include. I guess at this point I still feel like I need to review every book I read. I love sharing my love of books with others and sharing great books that I feel others will love.

    • Sara, this is exactly how I started out! Though, I never did delete my blog, but I did post here and there, but there really wasn’t any kind of schedule to it. When I first started, I posted everything to the blog, as well, but you’re right — in those first days, you need the content. It’s only now that I’m starting to include OTHER content like Discussions, Features, Book Hoarders, Cover Lover, etc. that I don’t need to fill up the blog with reviews. Of course, it IS a book review blog, so they will always be my first and foremost post, but I like having the other stuff, too.

      I think it takes time to figure out what works for you. I’ve gone through a few phases of features and feel like I’m finally settling into some that I enjoy doing and that my readers seem to enjoy. Keep at it! :) Sharing the books is a great way to start!

  13. I try to post my blog reviews on Goodreads, though by looking at my blog stats I don’t think Goodreads is a major source of traffic to my blog. Just now I saw an author tweet readers asking them to review her book on Amazon, but I haven’t done that so far. Amazon doesn’t let you review a book until it’s been released, and somehow I feel that I have less control over my reviews on that site than on my own blog or GR account. But I could be wrong about that, and I do see a lot of my blogger friends crossposting their stuff on Amazon. I guess the bottom line is that I only have so much time to devote to blogging and I’d rather be reading than posting my stuff all over the place.
    I’m curious to hear other bloggers’ take on the subject.

    • That’s one thing that always bugged me about Amazon — not being able to post a review before the release date. On my Amazon site (the Canadian one), I always have issues posting reviews because it takes out apostrophes, dashes, and other punctuation marks. It drives me nuts! Makes me look like I can’t put together a sentence properly. So I just don’t post there. I’d like to just go back to posting on the blog and on Goodreads because you’re right — you don’t really have much control over Amazon reviews. I really think it’s up to you where you post.

      And you’re so right! I’d rather spend time reading than fussing about posting reviews on every single site!

  14. Every review that’s on my blog is also posted to Goodreads, however not every Goodreads review goes on my blog. Sometimes I write short or really random reviews for books that I read on my own time (aka non-review books from the library or ones I’ve bought), and those don’t always get posted. I started off blogging with library and my own books, but now because I get so many for review and because I don’t post every day, I tend to have enough content based solely on review books. However if I REALLLLY love a book that I bought myself I try and do a review on the blog as well, but these are just when I can fit them in.

    • I like to do that, too … if I really love a book, of COURSE I want to share it on the blog! I mean, I read a lot of books in a week, so there’s no way I can share all of them on the blog. I’d like the other content to shine, as well.

      I’m now trying to get LESS review books and go back to reading my own books and library books. :) It feels great! Less pressure.

  15. Most go on my blog & eventually to GRs. But I’ve recently given myself permission to just post to GRs. Mostly novellas & so deep in the series there isn’t much left to say. It has lightened my load tremendously ;)

    • That’s awesome! It definitely feels great … and you’re right about series books. Some of those series’ go on FOREVER. I’d like to post reviews on my blogs for books that people can actually read RIGHT NOW, rather than a series book that’s #12 in the series.

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