GUEST POST: Confessions of a Vampire Purist (Jenn @ Booksessed)

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Today, as part of VAMPIRE WEEK, I’m happy to have Jenn from Booksessed on the blog for a guest post! She’ll be talking about the fact that she’s a vampire purist.

Call me crazy, but I like my vampires sparkly. Sometimes, a person needs a little sparkle. I also like the vampires who could kick that sparkly vampire’s butt. But, let Jenn tell you what she thinks!

Jenn is a reader and blogger who enjoys historical fiction and classics. She loves to cook and watch the history channel and is one of those lucky people who live doors down from the library!

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Confessions of a Vampire Purist

You can call me a vampire purist, but I like my vampires old fashioned; full of bloodlust and scary as hell. Whether it is Louis, Lestat, Nosferatu,Voss or one of the Dimitri’s, I like when vampires are night-dwelling predators out for people’s blood.

I know there are a lot of Twilight fans out there. I know the book has its good points. (It must or it wouldn’t have a fandom). I just couldn’t get past the deviation from the vampire lore that I love.  I can’t handle vampires who can travel around in the day time, let alone sparkle in the sunlight. Being a vegetarian myself, I find it odd that eating animals instead of people qualifies as such.

Also, if I had an eternal existence, I wouldn’t want to spend it matriculating high school again and again. This point differs from vampires being well-read, which I have encountered in several novels that I have loved.

I am starting to see the vampire literary trend begin to revert back to the Anne Rice type of vampire and I am ecstatic about this. I haven’t read but am excited for The Vampire Bride novels by Rhiannon Frator. I love all the Regency vampire novels by Colleen Gleason; I even adored the contemporary YA Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead.

My absolute favorite will always be Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. I have a theory that whether it be through stealth or not, most teenage girls have read either Interview With The Vampire or The Vampire Lestat. It seems to be a wonderfully weird rite of passage. I come back to Anne Rice again and again because she humanizes these dark creatures while still making them insanely dangerous. Her language is absolutely beautiful as well.

I know that vampires will come and go in popular literature, but as long as there is a dark, brooding, people hunter somewhere in the mix this reader will be happy. Just please don’t let him also sparkle.

How do you like YOUR vampires? 

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14 Responses to “GUEST POST: Confessions of a Vampire Purist (Jenn @ Booksessed)”

  1. Giselle

    Vampires have evolved!! haha. I admit I did love Twilight, but I wouldn’t consider it a vampire book, really. More like a romance I guess. I also LOVED The Vampire Bride series by Rhiannon! That one is definitely the good old classic vampire lore and they are NOT friendly ;)

  2. I haven’t read many vampire books besides Vampire Academy, the Twilight series, and a couple of the Vampire Diaries books. (I have also seen every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) Maybe I’ll check out an Anne Rice book :)

  3. I will admit to loving Twilight, I’ve read the series more than once! I do however LOVE scary vampires. The Vampire Academy is one of my new favourite series. I haven’t really read too many vampire books though. I avoided them forever after Twilight became so popular since it seemed like they were popping up everywhere. I’m also ashamed to say that I’ve never read any Anne Rice, I haven’t even watched the movie :(

    • I’ve read Twilight more than once, too. :) And it seems like vampire books are EVERYWHERE! There are too many supernatural creatures to keep up with!

  4. Read Lestat and saw the movie for Interview and Queen. My favorite vampire archetype, though, is good-old-fashioned Dracula. And, actually, in the original book he could move around in the sun, he was just a lot weaker. I used that in my own book, Drasmyr.

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