ARC REVIEW: Catherine, by April Lindner

Posted 2 January, 2013 by Kristilyn in Classics, Contemporary, Young Adult Fiction / 17 Comments

Date(s) read
: December 23, 2012
Genre: YA Classics Retelling

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A forbidden romance. A modern mystery. Wuthering Heights as you’ve never seen it before.

Catherine is tired of struggling musicians befriending her just so they can get a gig at her Dad’s famous Manhattan club, The Underground. Then she meets mysterious Hence, an unbelievably passionate and talented musician on the brink of success. As their relationship grows, both are swept away in a fiery romance. But when their love is tested by a cruel whim of fate, will pride keep them apart?

Chelsea has always believed that her mom died of a sudden illness, until she finds a letter her dad has kept from her for years—a letter from her mom, Catherine, who didn’t die: She disappeared. Driven by unanswered questions, Chelsea sets out to look for her—starting with the return address on the letter: The Underground.

Told in two voices, twenty years apart, Catherine interweaves a timeless forbidden romance with a compelling modern mystery.

My Thoughts

Thank you to Hachette Book Group Canada for a copy of this book for review!

Earlier in 2012, I read April Lindner’s book Jane, which is based on the classic Jane Eyre. I remember really liking it and wanting to read the classic the instant I finished. Well, time has gone by and I still haven’t read the book that started it all, but I have read a new April Lindner book – Catherine, based on Wuthering Heights. There’s just something about these books that gets me itching to read the classics with every turn of the page. It’s a wonderful feeling!

Of course, I had already read Wuthering Heights in university and I remember really loving it – it was one of my favourite classics reads and one I’ve been meaning to reread one of these days. I just loved the forbidden romance between Heathcliff and Catherine – I mean, it inspired songs, so it has to be good, right?

Catherine was a great read. The instant I started reading it, I knew it was an April Lindner book, which I loved – it’s great to know the little bits that make an author who they are, and being able to pick out these bits in their books, like a signature. For one thing, music is front and center in this book, just as it was in her previous read. In fact, I even caught the mention of the rocker Nico Rathburn in the opening pages and reminisced about the previous book. Music is such a great thing in Lindner’s books. I love reading about the bands and the sounds. In this book, especially, I loved reading about the The Underground, a famous music club in Manhattan.

One of the great things about this book is that it’s written by two of the characters in a dual narrative. There’s the mystery of Chelsea, Catherine’s daughter, who is trying to find her mother, and the mystery of Catherine, as she grows up in the Underground. Honestly, when I finished the story, I couldn’t figure out which one I enjoyed more – Catherine’s story, or Chelsea’s story. They were both great!

The only thing that buggered me up while reading was the character name ‘Hence’ – it was a little awkward to read sometimes, but after a while I got used to it. I also wanted to see a little more of Chelsea’s father in the narrative, but the characters who were present were definitely memorable.

I’m so intrigued by April Lindner’s writing that I can’t wait to see what classic she plans to put a spin on next! I know one thing is for certain – Wuthering Heights may make it onto my 2013 rereading list!



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17 Responses to “ARC REVIEW: Catherine, by April Lindner”

    • I love that music has been in both Jane and Catherine … it was great! I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only one who didn’t like the name Hence! :)

  1. THis one sounds interesting. I actually haven’t read Wuthering Heights, but I go have a copy. I have read Jane Eyre, so maybe I will start with Jane.

  2. I remember feeling the same way after I had read For Darkness Shows the Stars – I really wanted to read Persuasion! But umm, that never happened (just too many damn things to read already!). But I would very much like to at least fit in the film sometime because it’s fun to compare and contrast. So great that you loved this one – I will have to check out April Lindner’s writing sometime!

    • That’s funny that I’m just reading this now, because For Darkness Shows the Stars is on my reading list for this weekend! I can’t wait to get to it. :) I hope you can check out April’s books sometime!

  3. kimbacaffeinate

    ha Hence would trip me up too, this sounds like a great read..and my daughter’s name is Chelsea, so i already like her..LOL Great review!

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