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I started Reading In Winter in 2009 after I had picked up one too many books, started reading, then realized I had already read the book. I figured blogging would be a good way for me to remember what I was reading and keep a sort of log of the books read as the years go by.

Unfortunately, I went through spurts of reading, blogging off and on, so I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the blog.

Until … October of 2011, when I decided to fully commit myself to reading and my blog. Now, I can’t imagine not blogging. I enjoy meeting new bloggers, chatting with authors, and finding new book recommendations.

Reading In Winter isn’t solely devoted to a certain genre of books, though I do lean heavily on the Young Adult genre. The blog will probably remain pretty eclectic in its ways because I love books of all kinds and am very much a mood reader. Be prepared to find anything from YA to adult fiction to nonfiction to romance and erotica. I just love ALL books.

Aside from posting book reviews, you’ll also find discussions, musical posts, crafting and crocheting posts, and so much more!


I also participate in Cover Reveals and Blog Tours, host Guest Posts and Giveaways from time to time. I try to do plenty of read-a-thons, and lately read-alongs, and various challenges.

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About Kristilyn

Kristilyn is a Canadian book blogger, music listener & creator, proud mama, and general lover of life. Her necessities include fuzzy socks, a library full of good books, a fully charged Kindle, copious amounts of tea, and chocolate. Swoon-worthy book boys are also welcome.