june recap-01

June is typically the month when all the storms roll in. I remember a June where we had only a few days that didn't have rain. Thankfully, that wasn't this year, but this one particular storm was kind of epic.

June is typically the month when all the storms roll in. I remember a June where we had only a few days that didn’t have rain. Thankfully, that wasn’t this year, but this one particular storm was kind of epic.

So …. did you catch my big announcement this week on the blog? Ah, I can breathe freer now! While it seems kind of daunting to have no drafts (except for the outlines of my monthly recaps) and no scheduled posts (except for the Book Bingo posts), it’s just so refreshing to have a bit of a new start on the blog. It’s been long overdue!

What’s not refreshing — and what’s actually kind of hilarious — is my Goodreads challenge as of the half year mark:


I was actually going pretty strong at the beginning of the year, which I attribute to the fact that the boy and I didn’t really have any mommy and baby friends, so we spent a lot of our days at home, relaxing. Now we’re just go go go ALL the time and our weeks are full of playdates and fun! Since July is here, I’ve tried to slow down on all the scheduled fun, like baby dance or other things that fall weekly and at certain times. I like to be more open for spontaneity.

At any rate, it feels so weird to be BEHIND a book! It’s been years since I’ve been behind a book!

Other than my obvious lack of reading, this month has been filled with lots of walks, lots of playdates, baby massage, Kindermusik, baby dance classes … lots of fun! I can’t believe I have a 7 month old!

The boy and the dog playing. He LOVES the dogs. They're not quite sure what he's up to. I think they thought he was going to stay still for his whole life, so they're not quite ready for all the movement. If the boy is angry, show him a dog. He will instantly cheer up!

The boy and the dog playing. He LOVES the dogs. They’re not quite sure what he’s up to. I think they thought he was going to stay still for his whole life, so they’re not quite ready for all the movement. If the boy is angry, show him a dog. He will instantly cheer up!

What is also awesome is my boy’s love of reading! Well, he’s not reading yet, but when bedtime comes and he starts to get super angry at his pajamas (because pajamas are just the meanest thing ever) he will always, ALWAYS calm down when we crack open a book. He loves to be read to! A boy after his mama’s heart. :)

books read-01

Is it sad that I was super excited to see that I actually read THREE books this month instead of the one I initially thought I read? Remember when I would read 30+ books in a month? SO STRANGE!

  1. City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments, #5) by Cassandra Clare
  2. The One (The Selection, #3) by Kiera Cass
  3. Just One Night (Just One Day, #2.5) by Gayle Forman

I’m actually finishing series books this year, which is amazing. Really, City of Heavenly Fire SHOULD have been on this list, but it was such a huge book and I was getting sick and only managing about 5 pages a night, so I put it on hold. I’m hoping to squeeze in more reading time in July!

mailbox goodies-01

In May I was on a book buying binge, it seemed! I thought June was going to chalk up to be similar when June 4th hit and I had 4 new books already, but I managed to check myself and only got 5 new ones this month — one of them I’m reading right now!


I’m so interested to try some more Jojo Moyes after Me Before You — an awesome, awesome read (sorry, Laura). And the Deb Caletti book was only $2 at Indigo! Win! The Almost Truth was on the sale rack for $4.99 — I’d been eyeing that one since it came out. I’m currently reading the Jennifer Weiner, and I guess you could say I’m also reading Five Summers, though I made it through the epilogue before I got distracted by another book. I think it’ll be a fun one, though. I love summer books!

I also got a few books in the mail:


I’ll bet you all a million dollars that the motherhood one was sent by Diana Davidson, a local author who wrote the amazing Pilgrimage, a book that starts out with a birth that kind of terrified me since I read it while pregnant. She also has a story about postpartum depression in the 40 Below anthology of stories — my favourite story of the bunch!

On the Road to Find Out was sent by Raincoast Books — thanks, guys!

How was your month? Have you read anything good lately?



may recap-01

Well hi there! It’s been a while!

Oh gosh, where did May go? I find that as the months go by, I have a hard time remembering what exactly happened in any of them! I think I should start journaling or something — something to keep track of the days! Whenever my boy turns a new month old, I’ll go back and write out a recap of his month, noting anything new that he might have done, or maybe some fun things we did in the month, and I still haven’t written his 6 month recap! I feel like we spent most of the month either going to meet our mom and baby friends, or we were home sick. Really uneventful!

Since we did have that sick time, I spent time catching up on Homeland, as well as Bates Motel. Yes, I love books, but I also love TV. I’m very excited to see what new shows come up this summer and actually picked up a copy of Tom Perotta’s The Leftovers so I can read it before the show comes out!

Other than that, we had an outdoor potluck this month — another one today — and a few mother’s day dinners, long weekend dinners. Me and the boy went to our first movie put on by Movies for Mommies, The Neighbours, which was hilarious! He did super good and napped for most of it since it took place during his naptime.

I’m still managing to get books read and have also started writing music again! It’s so much harder to write and record music with a baby, but we’re making it work. I’m so thankful for ProTools since it lets me get down ideas fast, so I can go back later and work on them later. I’m also lucky that my little boy loves music, so he sits and watches me play, sings along, and if I’m recording he seems to know to be quiet until the record button is off. He’s very cute. :)

I’ve been working on updating some of my pages out there on the interwebz, so you can download ALL my tracks on Reverbnation, as well as tracks on Bandcamp! I have my bookish song page on Bandcamp, but did you know I also have a personal page? Here are some links if you’re interested:


Oh! And remember when I signed up for the A Tale of Two Cities read-along? Yeah. BIG FAIL. I had wanted to really get into the book and like it, but I read the first part for the read-along and just couldn’t get up the motivation to pick it up again. I do really want to read the rest of it, but just not now. It’s unbelievably confusing! I’m still not entirely sure what I read …
books read-01

I didn’t do too bad this month with reading. We’ve been getting outside a LOT so I haven’t had a whole lot of time to read — by the time the boy goes to bed, I’m ready for bed, too!

  1. Broken Hearts, Fences & Other Things to Mend (Broken Hearts, #1) by Katie Finn
  2. Second Star by Allysa B. Scheinmel
  3. Spun by Catherine McKenzie
  4. Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
  5. Skipping a Beat by Sarah Pekkenan
  6. Hold Still by Nina LaCour
  7. The Elite (The Selection, #2) by Keira Cass

Managed to get through three review books this month! I’m so happy to have read another Sarah Dessen book (so close to having read ALL of her books!) and finally got to The Elite! I really liked that one and wanted to get to The One this weekend, but NONE of the stores in the city had the hardcover! I was very disappointed since I have the first two books in hardcover and the paperback would just look silly next to them … Guess I’ll have to wait for the Book Depository to deliver it!

Currently I’m working on City of Lost Souls, the 5th book in the Mortal Instruments series. I just bought the last book in the series, so I’m a little behind. I find Cassandra Clare books take me FOREVER to get through, so I expect to be done in no less than a couple years. /sarcasm

How was your month? Have you read anything good lately?



april recap-01

Well hi there! It’s been a while!

Looking at the calendar, I see I’m writing this a bit late … what with it being May 10th. But in all seriousness, how is it May 10th already??

Looking outside lately, you would never think that we were in May because we’ve had snow like crazy. Thankfully, it’s nice(ish) out today with no snow, but being Canadian, we know not to rule out any more until well after this month.

I know you’re all jealous.

No question about it, once spring does come, it's so beautiful here.

No question about it, once spring does come, it’s so beautiful here.

April was a bit of a busy month. The snow had started to melt so we started getting out a lot, me and my little boy (who is 5.5 months — how is time flying by this fast??). We had playdates, walking dates, library programs, and a whole bunch of other things to do. In bookish news for him, we attended a few library programs and he loves them. He can get a bit crotchety during these sessions since they’re in the afternoon and he’s tired, but lately he gets all smiley when we’re there.

In bookish news for me you may have noticed that I’m a bit of a crazy person when it comes to posting. I have reasons, I assure you! Let’s just say that I’m getting this all out of my system now and I did have an insane backlog of posts. I promise, it won’t be like this forever.


This month I attended an impromptu book club with Brie of A Slice of Brie, Laura of Reading in Bed, Tammy of Mad Musings of Masters Mind, and Tania of Write Reads. And our special guest? Local author Todd Babiak! We all read his latest novel, Come Barbarians, and met for a discussion of it with Todd. While it wasn’t my favourite book, it was a fun time had by all with great company, wine, and hummus.

I also, sadly, attended a bookish goodbye party for our head librarian at work who was leaving to pursue other things. Her leaving was sad, but I do have to say that librarians sure know how to party!

Other than that, I got addicted to Downton Abbey in March and attended a live improv group that was inspired by the show. Two words: Freaking. Awesome.

books read-01

Oh, hey, I read books last month, too!

  1. Geek Girls Don’t Date Dukes (Geek Girls, #2) by Gina Lamm (review book)
  2. Come Barbarians by Todd Babiak (for book club)
  3. Romancing the Duke (Castles Ever After, #1) by Tessa Dare
  4. The Good Mother Myth edited by Avital Norman Nathman (won from Laura!)
  5. Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson (review book)
  6. Biggest Flirts (The Superlatives, #1) by Jennifer Echols (unsolicited review book)

Definitely didn’t read very much last month, but that’s okay. I was super busy and by the time my head hit the pillow at night, I was out like a light. I do, however, usually get up early with my husband in the morning and spend my time reading until my little guy gets up.

Favourite books this month had to be Romancing the Duke and Since You’ve Been Gone. Both proved why Tessa Dare and Morgan Matson are on my auto-buy list! It’s always so much fun to have new books by favourite authors.

mailbox goodies-01

Surprisingly, April was quite the bookish month! I got a few ARCs:

biggest flirts since you've been gone
From Simon & Schuster Canada
From Catherine McKenzie
second star broken hearts the summer invitation
From Raincoast Books
the good mother myth
Won from Laura’s blog

Thank you to all the publishers for some great books! And to Laura for choosing my name for the giveaway … I never win giveaways anymore, it seems, so it’s always nice to win a book!

I also bought a few books this month (thus breaking by 2 books a month limit!):

a tale of two cities romancing the duke the husband's secret the invention of wings the m word

Surprisingly, out of the 12 books I got this month, I read 7 of them already! And I kind of sort of broke up with A Tale of Two Cities. But we might still see each other casually. I’m not sure Dickens and I were meant to get along.

How was your month? Have you read anything good lately?